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What to Expect in the Future of Agriculture with Brian Kenyon

A Retrospective of Crop Nutrition from Two Great Yara Teammates

How to Interpret a Soil Analysis Lab Report and What do You Do With That Information

Soil Analysis - Lab Considerations and Analytical Processes

What You Need to Know When You Are Taking Soil Samples

The History and Future of Phosphorus for Plants

Is There Value in Soil Analysis

Overcoming Disruptions in Agriculture

The Importance of Post Harvest Irrigation with Almonds

What Can We Learn About Crop Nutrition in a Drought?

Biofortification - How Can We Make Food More Nutritious?

What's Happening at the Yara Auburn Incubator Farm

Evolution and Learnings of Citrus Agronomics

Incubator Farm Update: Columbia Basin

Almond Incubator Farm Update - What are we learning in 2022?

Alfalfa Crops Need N Fertilization. Here is Why.

Another Incubator Farm in Washington Focused on Potatoes

The Future of Farming and Food Production

Carbon Farming - Is it Right for your Farm?

How Does your Soil pH on Turf Affect Nitrogen Use

Mythbusting: Are Organic Fertilizers Used More Efficiently by Plants

How Can we Improve Efficiencies and Maintain On-Farm Profitability?

Get the Most out of your Iron Applications on Turf

Mythbusting: Are We Losing Fertilizer to Atmosphere and Leaching?

Mythbusting: Are Mineral Fertilizers Poisoning the Soil?

Mythbusting: Mineral Fertilizers Are Not Natural

Soil Microbes Are Key For Drought Management

Management Decisions Relative to Record High Fertilizer Prices

Do Synthetic Fertilizers Hurt our Soils?

Sulfur's Role in Plants

What Can We Learn About Crop Nutrition in a Drought?

How to Improve your Water Use Efficiency

Nitrogen Use Efficiency - Why Should We Care?

Reducing Drought Stress with Healthier Soils with Dr. Karl Wyant

What is this Carbon Marketplace We Keep Hearing About?

Helping Plants During Heat Stress

Drought Management: How to Maximize Irrigation Efficiency

Tools to Manage Drought in Crops

Don't Treat Your Soil Like Dirt - Part 2

Drought Management: Tools and Strategies

How Bad is the Drought in the Western US in 2021?

How To Deal With Impacts of Weather Variations and Climate Change with Dr. Matt Yost

Calcium: Do I Need to Apply More?

Transitioning Citrus from Spring Flush to Flowering

Dr. Isaac Madsen Has X-Ray Vision

How to Transition your Turf in the Spring

Wine Grape Nutrition During Spring Bud Break

4Rs of Nutrient Stewardship Success Stories

Don't Treat Your Soil Like Dirt

Resiliency of the Turf Grass Industry

Calcium is Critical for Short and Long Term Plant Health and Production

Why Should You Be Applying Calcium Even if Your Soil Analysis Says You Have Plenty?

CompleteCitrus: Good Agronomics Always Wins

The Alchemy of Air with Author Thomas Hager

Incubator Farms: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Incubator Farms: Auburn, Alabama

Incubator Farms: Where Knowledge Grows (Plus: Insights into the Modesto Farm Research)

An Unsung Hero: Norman Borlaug

The Alchemy of Air - Changing the World Through Mineral Fertilizer

Balancing Budget and Investing for Future Success in Nut Crops

Calcium Nitrate for the Win in Avocados

Ways to Monitor Crops Throughout the Season

Water Quality - Sodicity and Carbonates

Water Quality - Salinity

The Importance of Water Quality

Audio Magazine 1: Top of Mind Crop Production Topics

Mitigating Heat Stress on Permanent Crops

Best Practices in Corn Production

Bipartisan Nutrition: Nitrogen and Sulfur

Achieving the Genetic Potential of Corn

Good Guys Gone Bad: Nutrient Toxicity

Toxic Elements to Watch Out For

Why Use Foliar Nutrition PART 2

Why Use Foliar Nutrition

Free Lime in Soil is Really Not Free

Cation Exchange Explained

What You Should Know About Soil pH

How to Run a Family Farm in Troubling Times - Shay Myers, Owyhee Produce

The Dirt on Your Dirt Part 2 - Soil Structure

The Dirt on Your Dirt

Nitrogen Management in the Real World

How to Take Tissue Samples and Use the Results

Why Should We Use Tissue Analysis

Interpreting Soil Sample Lab Results

Lab Analysis of Soil Samples

How to Properly Collect a Soil Sample

Being Flexible with Ever-Changing Weather and Diseases

Chloride Chemistry

If I Had a Nickel for Every Agronomic Tip of the Week

Why Molybdenum is a Unique Micronutrient

Manganese and Plant Development

Copper is Elemental

Pumping Iron

The Importance of Boron

How Does Calcium Control Physiological Disorders and Environmental Stresses

The 4R's for Calcium

The Importance of Calcium

Protect your Investment: Almond Orchard Establishment Tips

Your Best Yields are Ahead of You

The 4R's for Potassium

Why is Potassium Important for Plant Health

The 4R's for Phosphorus

Why is Phosphorus Important for Plant Health?

Soil pH: How Does it Affect Biology and Chemistry in the Soil?

Soil pH: What is it and Why is it important?

Optimizing Your Irrigation

The Right Timing

The Right Placement

The Right Source

The 4 R's of Nutrient Stewardship

Crop Nutrition and the GEMs


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