Maximize Citrus Yield with Potassium

In this podcast, Yara's Sales Agronomist in the California Central Valley, Vanessa Vicencio-Dominguez, joins us to help explain the agronomic golden nugget of potassium nutrition for citrus. We discuss K's vital role in citrus production and how it can boost yields.

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Potassium is crucial for water, nutrient, and carbohydrate movement in plants, enhancing leaf size, tree vigor, and overall health. It plays a major role in crop yield and fruit quality in citrus crops. Citrus trees take up more potassium than nitrogen, making it a critical nutrient. The right source of potassium depends on soil type and timing of application. Frequent applications in smaller doses are recommended for better nutrient uptake. Potassium deficiency can lead to hindered growth and smaller, lower-quality fruit.  

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