Yara's Incubator Farm Network: Part 2 - Almonds

In the second episode of a series of podcasts focused on the Yara Incubator Farms In North America, we discuss the innovative solutions explored at the farm in Modesto, California, combining enhanced farm productivity with sustainable practices in almond production.

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Devin Clarke, Agronomy Solutions Manager at Yara North America and a member of the Strategic Ag Innovation Committee for the Almond Board of California, delves into the cutting-edge practices being tested on this farm. The focus of the discussion is on continuous fertigation, a method that optimizes nutrient delivery to almond trees based on weekly crop demand curves. This strategy not only improves nutrient use efficiency but also boosts yield and reduces disease incidence, such as whole rot.

Devin emphasizes the farm's role in pushing the boundaries of traditional almond farming by integrating innovative crop nutrition management strategies that enhance productivity and soil health. The episode also touches on the challenges of scaling these practices, including the need for better infrastructure and practical guidance to support the widespread adoption of continuous fertigation among growers.

This podcast is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace professional advice or recommendations for listeners. The views expressed in this podcast by guests are not necessarily endorsed by Yara North America.

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