Yara's Incubator Farm Network: Part 5 - Rice

The fifth episode of a series of podcasts focused on the Yara Incubator Farms in North America discusses the Arkansas Delta farm and its efforts to enhance nutrient and water use efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and increase yields.

The standout feature of this farm is the tailwater recovery system, which recycles excess irrigation and rainwater and meters nitrogen application on a demand basis. The collaboration between Yara and the University of Arkansas has led to significant improvements in nutrient use efficiency, water use efficiency, and carbon footprint reduction. The farm has also seen a reduction in labor output and disruption of soil health.

Listen now:

Guest experts on this episode are

  • Curt Knight, Soil Health Agronomist at Yara
  • Neil Mayberry, Yara Regional Market Development Manager of the Easter US
  • Dr. Christopher Henry, Associate Professor and Water Management Engineer at the University of Arkansas. He is a specialist in irrigation system design, scheduling, and efficiency.
  • Dr. Tim Burcham, Director of the Northeast Rice Research and Extension Center, or NERREC, for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture.

This podcast is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace professional advice or recommendations for listeners. The views expressed in this podcast by guests are not necessarily endorsed by Yara North America.

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