Manganese and Plant Development

Manganese (Mn) plays a key role in photosynthesis in plants and can have a dramatic impact on your yield and profitability.

In this podcast, Dr. Steve Petrie discusses how its availability is driven by soil pH and organic matter, how to identify and diagnose deficiencies and toxicities in crops, and how to correct it for optimum plant growth and profits.

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In this episode:

  • Manganese deficiencies tend to be more common in cereal crops
  • Often Mn deficiencies do not show clear visual symptoms or show deceiving signs
  • Plant analysis is the most efficient way to determine if a crop is Mn deficient 
  • Yield responses to manganese can be dramatic
  • Band application versus broadcast application of manganese
  • The right rate, right time, and right placement for Mn
  • YaraVita PROCOTE is the most efficient way to supply manganese to crops

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