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Potato Crop Nutrition

Yara is not only a major fertilizer provider to growers throughout the world, but it also has years of experience and knowledge in crop nutrition.

Yara is committed to helping farmers grow their TopPotato in terms of both yield and quality. Crop knowledge, application competence - including technology tools and services - and the most comprehensive crop nutrition portfolio on the market make up the core of Yara’s Crop Nutrition Solution for potatoes.

Whether you are looking for potato fertilizers, a potato crop nutrition program, information about nutrient deficiencies in potatoes, or any other aspect regarding potato crop nutrition, take a look at what Yara has to share with you.

Latest Crop Nutrition Advice: Drought Stress

After a cool start, the 2021 growing season is staring out hotter and drier than normal in Northwestern US. High temperatures and transpiration rates are subjecting crops to unseasonal stress. What can be done to help crops overcome abiotic stresses?

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Bulking Potatoes: Increasing Yield While Maintaining Quality

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The demand for increasing potato yield keeps going up in all classifications of potatoes from seed to fresh, processing and chippers. In our zeal to increase yield, quality parameters such as specific gravity, internal disorders, skin set and others often unnecessarily take a back seat and decline. Proper nutrition can help to ensure the high-yielding, quality potatoes that growers are looking for and the high quality that processors are consumers are demanding.

This webinar moderated by Spudman and sponsored by Yara North America discusses physiological-based suggestions on the best crop nutrition applications for the best potato crop.

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Role of nutrients in potatoes

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Potato crop nutrition programs
Potato crop nutrition programs

Potato crop nutrition programs

Elaborated by our specialists, Yara's fertilizer programs for potato can help you achieve excellent crop performance. 

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