Boost Strawberry Growth with Foliar Nutrition

As we move forward into the strawberry growing season, the upcoming plant growth stages are critical to understand. Foliar fertilizers, to supplement your fertigation efforts; included with your IPM spray applications are valuable for each different stage of plant and crop development throughout the season.

Early season

Early season plant growth is critical and sets the stage for crop yield potential. Root establishment is crucial for optimum crown production. Foliar phosphorus along with potassium and magnesium from YaraVita® MAGPHOS™ provide a quick-acting source of energy to stimulate rooting. In turn, this fuels a greater plant development. Continued applications throughout the season keep the plant at a high level of production. You create a balanced vigorous, reproductive plant. YaraVita MAGPHOS provides the energy for heightened photosynthesis. This increases the plant's ability to convert sunlight into sugar and other plant growth processes. More crown growing points and fruiting points are initiated and maintained throughout the season with this energy. Periods of stress are reduced with a higher amount of stored plant carbohydrates from the synergy of the foliar-applied high phosphorus with potassium and magnesium.

roots with magphos vs none cropped.png

Roots from untreated plant on the left. Roots from plant treated with YaraVita MAGPHOS on the right.



When you have a good fruit set and developing fruit size, foliar calcium, boron and zinc will enhance fruit firmness and quality. YaraVita® POWERBOR Ca™ is a high-analysis foliar material to be applied early in the fruiting cycle. Calcium plays a critical role in cell membrane and cell wall Integrity. This calcium-based integrity results in a firmer fruit. Boron is synergistic with Ca in cell membrane and cell wall stability, and has a vital role in flower development and the pollination process. Zinc is essential for fruit and shoot growth. All three nutrients act complimentary in crop production supplied from a single YaraVita multi element formulation.


Throughout the development of the fruit sizing and early maturity cycle, you could switch to YaraVita® SENIPHOS™. This foliar product combines soluble calcium with high-energy phosphorus for color development without fruit softening. The plant is able to finish off that round of cropping and still have energy to return again with renewed crown growth and fruiting potential.

strawberry leaf burnTipburn on strawberry leaves as a result of calcium deficiency

strawberry leak and rotInadequate calcium supply (right) resulted on leakage and early rot


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Patricia Dingus
Patricia Dingus
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Eddie Muro
Eddie Muro
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