Increasing Melon Fruit Set and Weight

Melon plants are frost susceptible and low temperatures can cause growth abnormalities, poor flower and fruit set. Insects, in particular bees, are important to aid pollination and fruit set.

Melon fruit set and weight is also influenced by the right balance of nutrients, both macro and micronutrients.


Phosphorus is generally applied early and up to fruit set, ensuring supplies are not limiting. Phosphorus is readily redistributed throughout the melon plant. It is particularly important to have adequate phosphorus prior to flowering as it increases melon fruit set and weight, encouraging higher yields and producing thicker skins. Deficiencies can result in flower abortion.


Boron has a key role to play in flower pollination and fruit formation. Because melon flowers are only viable for a short period, it is important that supplies are not limiting during pollination.

Boron is important in improving calcium mobility and the transport of sugars and plant growth regulators.

Other micronutrients

Molybdenum and zinc are also important nutrients for melon fruit set. Zinc is especially needed during flowering and early bud development.