Support Fruit Production in HLB Infected Trees

Newsletter, March 2021

Yara has been actively involved in the citrus greening issue in Florida, working with researchers to help find a way to mitigate or reduce the severity of the disease. 

Not long ago, HLB infection of a Florida citrus tree was considered a death sentence for the tree. The entire industry was threatened. Sadly, many groves were lost. But, today, several innovative farmers with 100% HLB infected groves have productive trees with many reporting quality fruit production near pre-HLB levels. Many are planting new groves as quickly as possible. What is happening in Florida? How have some farmers been able to prosper? 

For Florida growers, balanced nutrition and psyllid control are the reasons for their success until a new resistant variety, developed through plant breeding, produces a permanent cure. But in the meantime, farmers have adapted their crop nutrition programs to focus on tree health and longevity.

Effect on Nutrient Uptake

HLB bacteria do not manufacture toxins or attack cell walls like many pathogens. They enter the plant’s phloem (conducting tissue) as the psyllid feeds. There they alter the metabolism of the citrus trees. As a result, nutrient and water movement are hindered by the “corking” of the main translocation channel as well as dieback of root feeding sites in the soil.

Utilizing nutrient sources that fit best in the age of Citrus Greening should encompass both macro and micronutrients so that the affected tree has the best fighting chance to sustainably produce fruit for seasons to come.

Increase Micronutrient Feeding Sites

Nutrient maximization at the root zone of HLB infected trees is critical to support continued fruit production and prevent early onset fruit drop. With Yara’s patent coating technology, you can guarantee an even coverage of key micronutrients through an application of a dry fertilizer blend coated in YaraVita® PROCOTE™.

As an oil-based micronutrient coating, YaraVita PROCOTE, enhances the efficiency of micronutrient distribution by supplying an even coverage of micronutrient on every granule of dry fertilizer. Through the unique application process of YaraVita PROCOTE, you have now eliminated any potential threat of nutrient segregation and have increased nutrient accessibility by increasing your micronutrient feeding sites.




About this Newsletter

Yara's CompleteCitrus Newsletters represent many years of knowledge with concentration on Florida citrus nutrition. Articles address nutrition's role in the plant processes which influences the final outcome as the season progresses. The goal of the newsletter is to provide citrus growers with the best available information with which to manage their production optimally, with minimum environmental impact, consistently from one year to the next. Tree health is recognized as a major element in sustainable production. Nutrition is also fundamental in establishing and maintaining optimal performance and tree longevity. The "whys" are addressed with the "how to" in a straightforward and practical manner.

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