Citrus Fall Nutrition Will Set the Stage for Spring Flush

Newsletter, October 2020

Citrus Fall Nutrition Will Set the Stage for Spring Flush

When planning a fall nutrition application for your citrus crop, it is vital to consider what the trees are demanding during the next few physiological occurrences.

YaraLiva® TROPICOTE™ is a key input of the CompleteCitrus Solution. YaraLiva TROPICOTE supplies the right source of nitrogen and calcium that are completely plant-available and in the preferred form for immediate uptake.

Utilizing this source of N and Ca at this time can benefit your crop in many ways:

  • Increase root quality and quantity, which allows more efficient uptake of water and other key nutrients needed throughout the tree.
  • Calcium is crucial for cell wall development which aids in mitigating stress such as disease pressure and increasing overall resiliency to get through the upcoming dry months and dormancy.
  • YaraLiva TROPICOTE supplies readily available N and Ca that increase the uptake of other key nutrients such as K and Mg. Having these nutrients available in the tree leading up to the spring will result in a more vibrant flush, which leads to an increase in fruit development.

Meeting Nutrient Demand


A good fall nutrition plan provides your citrus trees with adequate N, K and Ca to

  • Meet uptake demand to maximize fruit health and production
  • Replace nutrients removed from harvest
  • Meet uptake demand in preparation of spring flush.



About this newsletter...

Yara's CompleteCitrus Newsletters represent many years of knowledge with concentration on Florida citrus nutrition. Articles address nutrition's role in the plant processes which influences the final outcome as the season progresses. The goal of the newsletter is to provide citrus growers with the best available information with which to manage their production optimally, with minimum environmental impact, consistently from one year to the next. Tree health is recognized as a major element in sustainable production. Nutrition is also fundamental in establishing and maintaining optimal performance and tree longevity. The "whys" are addressed with the "how to" in a straightforward and practical manner.

YaraLiva Calcium Nitrate Fertilization of Citrus

The following brief video reviews the reasons why YaraLiva Calcium Nitrate is superior to ammonium nitrate for citrus fertilization. Bill Easterwood, Ph.D., Yara North America's Director of Agronomic Services, reviews research supporting the use of calcium nitrate to improve tree health, citrus yield and quality.

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