Give your Citrus Strength and Fuel to Grow with YaraLiva CN-9

Newsletter, May 6, 2020

To give the plant strength and fuel to grow during this stressful time of the year, at least 20% of total nitrogen should be applied as calcium nitrate from YaraLiva® CN-9® for fertigation.

Calcium will be needed for structure replacement, the upcoming fruit crop and to maintain the tree in optimum health to resist diseases. Failure to meet this nutrient demand now could mean leaf drop during bloom as the tree diverts scarce resources to reproductive growth. This, in turn, leads to smaller sized fruit or lower pound solids or even increased fruit drop.

Now is time to start post-harvest nutrient replacement. Nitrogen is needed after harvest to encourage active flush of foliage, phosphorus and potassium to maintain productivity of the tree, and soluble calcium encourages root growth and health that will aid in leaf flush.

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Fruit Drop Potential

Irrigation during the dry period from bloom to rains must be managed to avoid drought stress which will cause abortion of fruit.

Post-bloom fruit drop is a devastating disease since grower profitability is lost early. Added maintenance to keep trees healthy reduces profit-ability further. But, applying YaraLiva Calcium Nitrate has many benefits. Calcium influences pollen tube elongation (fruit set), mitosis (cell division) and abscission layer development (fruit drop). Hence, abundance of available calcium increases early fruit. Early fruit set removes the infection sites (flower petals) for post-bloom fruit drop.

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YaraLiva CN-9

How do you ensure that your crops have all the calcium they need to manage water stress? YaraLiva Calcium Nitrate is the ideal choice to provide your crop with calcium.

YaraLiva CN-9 has typically been used early in the spring to provide crops with readily available nitrate-N when soil and air temperatures are cool. However, the soluble calcium in YaraLiva fertilizers also plays a key role in helping crops overcome environmental stresses such as heat, water, salinity and sodicity. YaraLiva Calcium Nitrate needs to be part of your season-long fertilizer program in order to reach optimal yield and quality.

YaraLiva Calcium Nitrate provides fast-acting nitrate-N, alongside strength-building calcium. In combination, these nutrients fuel prolonged growth. Plants and trees treated with YaraLiva products are naturally healthier and less sensitive to stress during growth. Then, critically, in the build-up to harvest, YaraLiva Calcium Nitrate fertilizers improve the size, strength and appearance of harvested crops

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YaraLiva Calcium Nitrate Fertilization of Citrus

The following brief video reviews the reasons why YaraLiva Calcium Nitrate is superior to ammonium nitrate for citrus fertilization. Bill Easterwood, Ph.D., Yara North America's Director of Agronomic Services, reviews research supporting the use of calcium nitrate to improve tree health, citrus yield and quality.