Florida Citrus Crop Nutrition Videos

Uptake of Key Nutrients in Citrus

Understanding how key nutrients move in the soil and are taken up by citrus roots is crucial to growing your best crop. Join Sales Agronomist Kelsey Gunthorp for a brief knowledge insight on what is happening below the ground's surface and how it can affect your groves' production.

Finish Strong with the Right Fall Nutrition

Citrus trees in Florida go through several physiological changes in the fall. Watch this short video by Yara's Sales Agronomist Kelsey Gunthorp to learn more about citrus crop nutrition and how to fuel your fruit over the finish line.

Calcium and Soil Testing

In theory, soil testing should show what nutrients are present to meet crop demand. However, not all nutrients are as present as they seem.

In this video, Yara's Sales Agronomist Kelsey Gunthorp sheds some light on the complex story of calcium and soil availability.

From Roots to Fruits

The journey to harvesting a quality crop starts just below the ground's surface. Citrus tree roots are the conduit for transporting water and nutrients where the tree needs them most.

Watch this short video to find out how to impact root health and meet fruit demand.

Give your trees what they are demanding now

Spring is here in the Southeast and applying nutrition to your citrus crop is essential for tree health and fruit development for this season and the next.

Watch this short video to learn what your trees are demanding and what nutrients to prioritize this time of year.