Diesel Exhaust Fluid for Passenger Vehicles


Diesel Exhaust Fluid and SCR technology in passenger vehicles, such as SUVs, pickups, campers and cars is now common place; with Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes Benz being the front runners in introducing this system to the passenger car market. GM, Ford, Toyota and Mazda also have models which use Diesel Exhaust Fluid, with other manufacturers following the trend.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid is used in conjunction with SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction) which is a system that cleans up the exhaust gas on your vehicle before it is emitted to the atmosphere. Manufacturers have had to reconfigure their exhaust systems to meet new regulations on the emission levels of nitrogen oxides as they have become stricter over the years. Air1 is Yara’s brand of Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

Ed Wells
Ed Wells
VP, Environmental Solutions, North America

How Much Will Diesel Exhaust Fluid Cost?

Diesel Exhaust Fluid should be available at your dealership, with prices set by themselves. As an Diesel Exhaust Fluid manufacturer we use various points of distribution, and the prices are set by those supplying to the end user.

There are no rules on pricing – so shop around for the most competitive price.

You can use our Air1 branded Diesel Exhaust Fluid in any type of vehicle that requires it.

How Much Diesel Exhaust Fluid Will I Need?

Passenger vehicles use differing amounts of Diesel Exhaust Fluid depending on:

  • Vehicle type (RV, SUV or smaller car type)
  • Engine capacity
  • Work load (eg pulling horse trailers, touring in the hills, or going skiing in the mountains)
  • The drivers technique of driving

There are many online forums where people compare their vehicle types usage, or you can record your usage through the Diesel Exhaust Fluid gauge on your dashboard.

For some vehicles, it will use very little and you will not notice the Diesel Exhaust Fluid usage as it will be topped up between services.

Others will travel thousands of miles before the low level gauge gives a warning. This should give you ample time to find your nearest Fueling station. 

How to Order Diesel Exhaust Fluid for Passenger Vehicles

How do I know if my vehicle needs Diesel Exhaust Fluid?

Your vehicle will need Diesel Exhaust Fluid if it uses an SCR system. You may be told by your dealership if you need Diesel Exhaust Fluid or your vehicle manual should identify this. You should find a blue filler cap on the side of your vehicle or in the boot under the carpet. The location changes depending on manufacturer.

Where do I find my Diesel Exhaust Fluid tank level?

An Diesel Exhaust Fluid gauge will also be included in your dashboard display, which will indicate when your Diesel Exhaust Fluid tank needs topping up. Usually tank levels will be replenished as part of your vehicle’s maintenance service. However, should the low level warn you can easily top this up yourself.

How do I order Diesel Exhaust Fluid?

Your vehicle manufacturer should have a stock of Diesel Exhaust Fluid in their dealerships. This may be as a small container that you can use yourself, or they may ask you to drive in for a top up.

Is Diesel Exhaust Fluid available anywhere else?

Yara’s brand of Diesel Exhaust Fluid is called Air1 and it is available at truck stops, truck/bus dealerships and oil distributors. Trucks use Diesel Exhaust Fluid on a weekly basis, so Air1’s Diesel Exhaust Fluid equipment here is designed for larger heavy duty vehicles (larger nozzles, bulk quantities and fast flow pumps). This may be suitable for RVs and pick up trucks – but you will need to investigate the options when you arrive. SUVs and car drivers may still be able to use the Gallon Bottles available to heavy duty vehicles.

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