Best Fertilizers for Turf

Are you looking for the best turf fertilizers and the most comprehensive portfolio in the market? From warm to cool season, we've got your turf covered.

Yara’s solutions for turf combine vast knowledge with product efficacy and analytical tools for exceptional turf health and aesthetics. Take a look at how Yara’s complete line of products can help you achieve your optimumturf.

Homogeneous NPKs - YaraMila®

Excellent for consistent applications without N, P and K segregation, each prill contains the same proportion. YaraMila also contains sulfur to ensure optimum leaf chlorophyll content. YaraMila serves as a great product for both soil and foliar applications, and provides essential nutrient uptake for turf establishment and health.

Main benefits:

  • Quick green-up
  • Sustained feeding

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Calcium Nitrates – YaraLiva®

Provides directly available nitrate-nitrogen and water-soluble calcium for plant uptake with predictable growth responses. YaraLiva calcium increases cell wall strength for improved disease resistance, and serves as a key nutrient for root development.

Main benefits:

  • Easier handling
  • Fully water soluble

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Highly available nitrogen that is ideal for soil or foliar applications, especially during turf establishment. 

Main benefits:

  • Strong, sustained growth through effective nutrient releave
  • Homogeneous urea and ammonium sulfate that will not segregate 

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Foliar Nutrition and Micronutrient Coatings -  YaraVita®

Specifically formulated with enhancers for foliar applications used to target micronutrient deficiencies for fast and effective plant uptake.

Main benefits:

  • Fast and effective treatment to nutrient deficiencies
  • Balanced nutrition with macro and micronutrients

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Neil Mayberry
Neil Mayberry
Crop Manager, Turf & Ornamental

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