The 4R's for Phosphorus

In this episode, Dr. Steve Petrie dives deeper into the 4R's of nutrient stewardship for phosphorus fertilizers.

  • What is the Right Rate? 
  • What are the Right Sources?
  • What is the Right Placement?
  • What is the Right Timing

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In this episode:

The right rate

  • Based on soil test values - make sure to use a reliable laboratory
  • Different testing methods will give different values for soil test P
  • Fertilizer P on a budget

The right source

  • Different sources and forms - water-soluble, citrate-soluble, citrate-insoluble, orthophosphate x polyphosphate
  • Which one is better: liquid P or dry P? Or NPK fertilizers?

The right placement 

  • Band x broadcast
  • Placement depends on soil test and budget

The right timing

  • Planting is generally good timing
  • Research work shows benefits of mid-season foliar P

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