Improving Nutrient Use Efficiency

Improving Nutrient Use Efficiency of all essential nutrients represents one of the most significant opportunities to maximize grower profitability, optimize crop productivity, and minimize the environmental impact of farming.

As the most applied nutrient, nitrogen use in particular has a significant opportunity for improved efficiencies, which in turn can enable crops to better utilize other macronutrient and micronutrients. By improving nitrogen use efficiency (NUE), growers have a better return on their input investment, the impact of gaseous and leaching losses is mitigated, soil health is improved, and the global food supply is better secured. Learn more about NUE.

At Yara, we’re committed to being a nutrient use efficiency solution provider for our customers, growers and industry partners.

Through innovative crop nutrition products, deep agronomic knowledge, and the development and integration of digital agronomic decision support tools, Yara works collaboratively with all key stakeholders to maximize the proportion of applied nutrients utilized in crop production and farmer return on their fertilizer investment. At the center of Yara’s efforts and solutions to support nutrient use efficiency are the 4Rs of Nutrient Stewardship.


right source

Matches fertilizer type to crop needs


right rate

Matches amount of fertilizer to crop needs


right time

Makes nutrients available when crops need them


right place

Keeps nutrients where crops can use them

Supporting Nutrient Use Efficiency with the Right Source

As a global provider of crop nutrition, we understand the potential Yara has to empower the “right source” pillar with high-quality, efficient, and effective fertilizer. Through low-carbon production, homogenous delivery of nutrients, foliar applications, patented micronutrient coating technology and more, we deliver crop nutrition solutions that are proven to maximize yield and grower profitability, while simultaneously supporting nutrient use efficiency and minimizing environmental impact.

Nitrogen Use Efficiency

Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) is a key metric in sustainable agriculture and environmental science. It indicates how effectively plants and crops utilize nitrogen from sources such as mineral and organic fertilizers, biological nitrogen fixation, and deposition of atmospheric nitrogen.

How to calculate nitrogen use efficiency

In its simplest form, the NUE calculation is “all nitrogen output (harvested crop), divided by nitrogen input (such as above), multiplied by 100” and is expressed as a percentage.

Read about Yara's Position on NUE

Soil Health Matters

Healthy soil maintains water management, recycles nutrients, and plays a pivotal role in storing carbon, helping mitigate climate change.

Pillars of Soil Health

Soil health is the foundation for resilient crop production and sustainable farming; we have an urgent need to proactively restore and replenish our soils.

Learn more about the science of soil health

Support Soil Health with Biostimulants

Biostimulants are key to soil health, and they contain substances and microorganisms that stimulate natural processes to improve overall crop health and performance.

Learn more about Yara's biostimulant innovations

Digital Agronomy Solutions to Improve Your Nutrient Use Efficiency

N Sensor front


Measure nitrogen requirements in real time

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Farmer ipad


Monitor crop remotely

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