Bloom to Berry Set: Take a Proactive Approach to Nutrient Management

Bloom is upon us in wine grapes and vines will see significant increases in nutrient demand in the coming weeks.

nutrient demand graph.png

A proactive approach to nutrition management requires understanding of crop dynamics. As flowering subsides and berry set takes place we need to anticipate the deficiencies that may arise. Nitrogen and potassium are required in almost equal amounts with a peak demand mid-season. Calcium, on the other hand, is immobile and requires timely supplementation through the growing season. At berry set, adequate levels of Mg can support photosynthesis and also reduce bunch stem necrosis. Zinc and boron provide support for cell division and strengthening of cell walls and membranes respectively.

grape program edited.png

Soil Applied Nutrition

YaraLiva® CN-9® 

  • 9-0-0-11(Ca) at 12.2 lb per gal
  • Immediately available water-soluble calcium
  • Increased cellular integrity
  • Balanced canopy, stronger fruit, less stress

am vs nitrate cation uptake.png

Nitrate carries cations with it. Ammonium uptake even hampers cation uptake.

Foliar Nutrition 


  • 0-6-0-24(Mg)-10(Zn)-3(B)
  • Unrivaled core nutrition combination
  • Functional support for photosynthesis and carbohydrate production

YaraVita® MAGPHOS™ 

  • 0-29-5-4.1(Mg) at 12.3 lb per gal
  • Unique formulation synergy maximizes the vine’s productivity
  • Stronger, healthier plants to support a developing crop

Proactive nutrient management will support fruit and vine development through the season, leading to more consistent performance year after year.

Reach out to your local Yara Agronomist to learn more about these products and their fit in a comprehensive nutrition management program.


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