Preventing Citrus Albedo Breakdown

The albedo or mesocarp is the white spongy material located between the fruit segments and the outer leathery peel or flavedo. Albedo breakdown is the loss of cohesion in the cells if this white layer under the skin and any stress imposed on this as a result of expansion of the pulp can lead to rotting of this layer. It is also associated with creasing in the fruit. Good nutrition - particularly with calcium - helps to minimize breakdown of albedo tissue.

Crop Nutrition and Citrus Albedo Breakdown

Calcium nitrate sprays are particularly effective at helping reduce Albedo Breakdown. Fertigating with YaraLiva® calcium nitrates will reduce and may eliminate the need for foliar applications.

Poor boron supply also reduces calcium uptake and therefore can induce a breakdown of the albedo and promote post-harvest rot.


Research shows foliar sprays of calcium are highly effective. In trials, only 13% of treated fruits showed symptoms compared to 35% in controls.


A lack of boron commonly results in gum pockets forming in the fruit albedo and flesh, near the rind. This also reduces fruit value and marketability.