Enhance Phosphorus Uptake and Root Growth with YaraVita® MAGPHOS™

Phosphorus plays a major role in the early stages of crop development when the efficiency of plant uptake of P is very low. Phosphorus mobility in the soil is low and high pH soils in our area limit P availability to plants. Current low soil temperatures retard root growth and further reduce the P uptake in plants. Therefore, P fertilizer placement is critical for early plant root growth.

How YaraVita® MAGPHOS™ can help 

With its unique 0-29-5 (4.1 Mg) formulation, YaraVita MAGPHOS promotes root development and facilitates the absorption of other nutrients.

When YaraVita MAGPHOS is soil-applied

  • It penetrates more into the soil and increases the volume of soil with available phosphorus
  • It reduces the effect of low soil temperature and increases uptake efficiency
  • The buffering effect of YaraVita MAGPHOS reduces phosphorus reactivity with calcium, thus increasing its availability in alkaline soils

When YaraVita MAGPHOS is foliar-applied

  • It supplies critical nutrients to plants when they are unable to take up adequate amounts of nutrients from the soil
  • It provides a fast-acting fuel for plant energy, to boost crops during periods of rapid growth, or to help crops overcome adverse climatic conditions

YaraVita MAGPHOS has better mobility into the wetted bulb that leads to a better phosphorus availability

P uptake - wetted bulbs.png

YaraVita MAGPHOS shows higher availability under lower temperatures versus other phosphorus sources



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