Role of Nutrients by Almond Growth Stage

Your almonds require the right nutrients, at the right time, to achieve the best results possible. Here is an overview of the role of nutrients by almond growth stages.

Greater Bud Burst - Flowering

  • Activate and promote early growth of new plant tissues leading to maximum tree productivity
  • Build tree reserves and maintain root development
  • Boost reserves and provide a strong platform for high yields
  • Using nitrate improves nitrogen use efficiently during this period of cool soil temperatures


Maximum Fruit Set

  • Maintain leaf and fruit development
  • Maximize growth and early fruit development
  • Maintain strong growth of healthy tissues
  • Maximize nitrogen efficiency in the tree and improve oil and fat content of the fruit
  • Maintain growth and development of the flower and developing fruit tissue


Superior Fruit Fill - Maturity (Hull Split)

  • Build fruit quality during this critical phase
  • Maintain growth
  • Improve fruit integrity,quality and storability
  • Build tissue levels in advance of bud initiation and differentiation growth stage


Stronger Post Harvest Recovery

  • Build tree reserves to be available for new growth next season
  • Revitalize rooting and ensure rapid early root development
  • Build levels in tissues and produce strong spring bud burst and flowering next season

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