Modesto, CA

The Yara North America Incubator Farm in Modesto, California is a center for research, solution trials and knowledge sharing. Through collaborative efforts with customers, partners, and various technology providers, Yara utlizes the farm to study and advance insights into all aspects of the cropping system.

Utilizing 40 acres of fertigated and established almonds, and 40 acres of irrigated and established walnuts, Yara and its partners will be able to gather many layers of data and intimate knowledge of every aspect of the cropping system over the coming years. The field scale research at the farm will provide valuable insight into the conditions and challenges that growers and advisors face.

In addition to research, the Incubator Farm will also act as a place for partnerships with industry organizations to develop long-term relevant solutions for growers through collaboration. The farm is available to Yara’s retail partners to give their customers the opportunity to see first hand the benefits of a complete crop nutrition solution.

almond almond

Baseline Program

  • Static program
  • N from UAN-32™
  • K20 from SOP™
  • NPK+Zn foliars during development
  • K+Zn & B foliar at hull split

Modified Program

  • Static program 
  • N from YaraLiva® CAN-17™ & UAN-32™
  • K20 from SOP™ 
  • NPK+Zn foliars during development
  • K+Zn & B foliar at hull split
almond almond

Improved Program

  • Reactive program
  • N from YaraLiva® CAN-17™ & CN-9®
  • K20 from SOP™
  • NPK+Zn foliars during development
  • K+Zn & B foliar at hull split 
  • Additional adjustments made during season to address deficiencies

MyAlmonds Program

  • Dynamic & proactive 
  • Tailored to crop demand curves 
  • Addressing deficiencies before they occur 
  • Balanced ammoniacal and nitrate N sources 
  • High frequency/low vol strategy (16 fertigation events to deliver nitrogen vs. 4 in other programs)
  • Comprehensive nutrition management

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Meet Yara's Agronomy Solutions Manager, Devin Clarke

For more information about the Modesto Incubator Farm, contact 

Devin Clarke, Agronomy Solutions Manager
(209) 840-0519 

Jesus Toro, Agronomy Specialist
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