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Address the stress

Calcium and carbohydrate roles in stress mitigation

Almond harvest can have far-reaching implications on tree health heading into and coming out of the dormant season. Improper management of soil moisture and nutrition can lead to premature defoliation, impaired photosynthesis and diminished carbohydrate storage, compromising the tree’s ability to defend itself from abiotic stresses in winter and spring.

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Calcium supplementation has been documented to reduce cellular ion leakage, a direct result of frost damage, and increase woody plants’ ability to withstand below-freezing temperatures by increasing extracellular Ca2+ levels. This ultimately limits ice crystal formation.

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Healthy, vigorous trees will resume photosynthesis sooner and at a more active rate following harvest. Carbohydrates are the product of photosynthesis. The probability of spur survival from one year to the next has been documented to be dependent on carbohydrates in the form of starch following hull-split. Under low-temperature stress, soluble carbohydrates interfere with ice crystal formation, protect cells and membranes, and reduce mechanical injury related to freezing.

Applied post-harvest, soil applications of YaraLiva CN9/CAN-17 and foliar-applied YaraVita Bud Builder WP will help maximize your tree’s ability to tolerate post-harvest and winter/spring stresses like premature defoliation & frost associated damages, resulting in higher yield potential next season.

YaraLiva CN-9 & CAN-17

  • 100% soluble calcium
  • Immediately available nitrate-nitrogen
  • Enhanced cation uptake via anionic form of nitrogen
  • Rapid assimilation to meet plant demands
  • Helps to mitigate post-harvest stress

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  • 0-6-0-24 (Mg), 10 (Zn), 3 (B)
  • Rapid post-harvest recovery with timely application
  • Enhanced photosynthetic capacity
  • Specifically formulated to promote carbohydrate production and storage


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Devin Clarke
Devin Clarke
Agronomy Solutions Manager

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