Ammonia Solution for NOx Control

NOx control in SNCR and SCR systems using Ammonia Solution as the safer, efficient NOx reduction reagent.

Reducing NOx with SNCR and SCR systems using Ammonia Solution

Ammonia solution, also known as aqueous ammonia or ammonium hydroxide, means ammonia dissolved in water. It can be used directly with SNCR and SCR systems.

Ammonia solution is safer to use than anhydrous ammonia since the vapor pressure is greatly reduced by the water. Correctly handled and stored, it is a safe and efficient reagent for NOx treatment in emissions control technology for power plants/utilities. Yara is a world leader in ammonia, with one third of the Ammonia traded in the world coming from Yara.

For control of NOx Yara recommends the use of ammonia solution, where possible.

Why choose ammonia solution?

Why Ammonia Solution could be for you:

  • It is more efficient than urea and safer than anhydrous ammonia, offering a good compromise
  • The risks associated with the transport, storage and use of ammonia solution is significantly reduced compared to anhydrous ammonia as the ammonia is dissolved in water. This reduces the vapor pressure of the solution, which usually allows it to be stored at atmospheric conditions
  • Ammonia solution does not freeze
  • Compared to aqueous urea solutions, ammonia solutions are more effective in terms of transportation and storage; 125% NOxCare ammonia solution contains 9.5% more nitrogen than 40% NOxCare Urea Solution

Ammonia has advantages over urea when lower NOx emissions are required. Some of the advantages to be mentioned are:

  • Less tendency of formation of nitrous oxide and less carbon monoxide formation
  • More effective than urea in high temperature SNCR systems
  • Reduced probability of fouling and corrosion in equipment downstream of the injection point
  • Leakage of urea solution leads to white salt precipitates giving an aging look to your equipment

Safe and reliable deliveries

Ammonia solution transport includes:

  • Tank truck
  • Railcar
  • Vessel / Barge

If you have specific questions related to Yara's ammonia solution, please ask our NOx control expert.

Safe handling and storage for Ammonia Solution used for NOx control

Being a world leader in ammonia production and ammonia handling, Yara has developed storage solutions for ammonia that are designed to optimize the storage area you have available:

  • the horizontal version, which can be installed where height restrictions apply
  • the vertical solution, which allows for a large capacity of storage on a small foot print.

Our storage and handling solution:

  • is easy to use and requires minimal operational training as it is simple to operate and maintain
  • avoids the use of a complicated scrubber system used in other storage solutions
  • minimizes emissions to air and prevents any product spillage from accessing your surrounding area
  • utilize a pressurized unit if required. This solution allows for variation in pressure due to gas expansion/contraction and in product vapor pressure
  • is designed according to the EN-12952-14:2004 standard

We deliver training on Ammonia handling and storage for NOx control

Yara has been dealing with ammonia for over a century, and is a world leader in ammonia, with one third of the ammonia traded in the world coming from Yara. We have an exemplary record of safety, and safety is at the heart of all our operations. If your staff need training on ammonia solution storage and handling for your NOx control systems, we can answer all your questions and set up training sessions.

Yara: the Ammonia expert for safe and reliable deliveries and optimized costs

Yara is the largest ammonia producer in the world, offering unique expertise in ammonia handling and ammonia back-up supply. Most of our ammonia is made from natural gas, the cleanest hydrocarbon source available. We transport ammonia and its solutions around the world for many different process applications, including NOx control. Yara delivers the reagent of your choice from our unique network of plants offering a constant back-up in sourcing.

Telemetry systems and safe storage for Ammonia Solution used for reducing NOx:

For peace of mind, Yara can offer to install telemetry systems on your storage facility. By using Yara’s telemetry system your reagent stock is constantly monitored remotely and Yara takes full responsibility to make sure your ammonia solution levels are always at the level set by you.

If you have specific questions related to Yara's ammonia solution, please ask our NOx control expert.

Read more about the storage solutions developed by Yara for safe and optimized storage of Ammonia Solution.

Ed Wells
Ed Wells
VP, Environmental Solutions, North America