Support Alfalfa Recovery with the Right Nutrition

Optimal alfalfa hay yield and quality depend upon quick recovery after cutting. The symbiotic Rhizobium nodules on the roots of alfalfa that are responsible for nitrogen fixation die after a cutting. With no nitrogen fixation occurring and very little available N in the soil (since little or no N is generally applied to alfalfa), recovery and regrowth can be delayed.

YaraLiva® CN-9® can help with alfalfa recovery. The nitrate nitrogen and soluble calcium in YaraLiva CN-9 are immediately available for the crop. Nitrogen is important for amino acid and protein production and calcium is necessary for cell division and root and shoot growth.

Ten gallons per acre between cuttings can help jump start your alfalfa crop while the nodules are re-establishing. This application has shown faster growth between cuttings and a substantial increase in quality. YaraLiva CN-9 can be either applied through the irrigation or sprayed on immediately following cutting and then followed by an irrigation.

alfalfa cn-9 trial.png


The below are from analysis reports by the Ward Laboratories Inc. The YaraLiva CN-9 treatment shows better protein content, TDN, RFV and RFQ compared to the Grower Standard program.

Grower Standard YaraLiva CN-9, 10 GPA
Protein 24% Protein 26.1%
TDN 60.3% TDN 62.7%
RFV 183 RFV 213
RFQ 208 RFQ 241


Reach out to your local Yara representative to learn more about these test results and to discuss how YaraLiva CN-9 can benefit your alfalfa crop.

jimmy ridgway
Jimmy Ridgway
Regional Sales Manager

Idaho / Intermountain West