Trial Results: YaraLiva CN-9 Improved Yield, Quality, and Resistance to Bruise in the Red River Valley

The benefits of YaraLiva CN-9 led to an overall value amounting to


Yara has conducted trials during the 2022 growing season with the objective of evaluating the impact of available calcium and nitrate nitrogen from YaraLiva® CN-9® on yield, size profile and quality at harvest, and storage quality in potatoes in the Red River Valley of Minnesota.

Here are some of the key findings:

Applying YaraLiva CN-9 to potatoes resulted in improved yield, quality, and size at harvest. In storage trials, potatoes that received treatment had reduced shrink and improved resistance to bruise and pressure bruise.

The benefits of YaraLiva CN-9 on potato marketable yield, specific gravity, size profile, grade, and storage quality led to an overall value amounting to $202/acre.

potato trial graph_size and quality at harvest.png

potato trial graph - specific gravity.png

potato trial graph - pressure bruise and storage quality.png


Trial Basic Information

  • Target crop: potato
  • Variety: Russet Burbank
  • Location: Clitherall, MN
  • Product: YaraLiva CN-9
  • Trial date: 2022
  • Researcher: carried out in collaboration with Dr. Andrew Robinson, NDSU



YaraLiva CN-9 was applied starting at tuber initiation. A total volume of 45 gpa was applied over multiple passes. Nitrogen was balanced with the control by applying UAN28 to meet total nitrogen needs of the crop. In the control, UAN28 was spoon-fed through the pivot to meet the nitrogen needs of the crop.





Grower Standard


To meet N needs of crop

Spoon-fed through pivot. N balanced with Yara treatment.


YaraLiva CN-9


45 gpa

To balance N with control

Applied starting at TI. N balanced with control.


Contact your Yara representative to learn more about this trial and discuss how to incorporate YaraLiva CN-9 into your crop's fertility program.

Erika Wagner
Erika Wagner
Agronomy Solutions Manager
Neil Iverson
Neil Iverson
Sales Agronomist

Red River Valley of Minnesota, North Dakota