Dr. Steve's Agronomic Tip of the Week: The Right Timing

In this podcast, Dr. Steve Petrie discusses the final R of the 4R's Nutrient Stewardship Principle: the right timing - when to apply the treatment to maximize the crops use efficiency.

Many crops receive most or much of their nutrients in a pre-plant or perhaps a combination of pre-plant + early topdress / sidedress application. Generally, the highest nutrient efficiency is achieved when the nutrient application is synchronized with crop needs, alongside with the right source, rate, and placement of fertilizer.

Listen now:

Also in this episode:

  • Crop nutrient demand follows a sigmoidal curve
  • Spoon-feeding
  • Nutrient uptake curves are available for many crops showing when the N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S, etc. are taken up by the crop
  • Coated, controlled-release fertilizers offer the potential to apply the entire crop need in one application
  • N can be applied late in the growing season to increased protein in bread-type wheat
  • Currently, the use of multiple nutrient applications is limited to irrigated crops

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