The Right Nutrient Approach at Early Establishment will Set the Stage for Optimal Watermelon Crop Growth

The initial phase of watermelon growth is critical and sets the stage for optimal crop production and maximum yield potential. Providing the crop with the most favorable nutrition program makes all the difference in promoting early root and leaf growth.

Nitrogen and calcium are key nutrients during early stages of crop development, boosting vegetative growth and maximizing yield potential and fruit quality.

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Why YaraLiva® Calcium Nitrate is the top choice for fertilizing watermelon in early stages

  • YaraLiva Calcium Nitrate supplies readily available nitrate-nitrogen, the form of nitrogen preferred by watermelons.
  • Calcium Nitrate provides 100% water-soluble calcium, which, in early stages of watermelon development, is key to maintaining vigorous and healthy plant growth.

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The form of nitrogen used is particularly important and it is critical to maintain a good balance between ammonium and nitrate for fast and healthy plant growth. Trials confirm significant reductions in N uptake and yield losses from the use of N fertilizers with too much ammonium compared to nitrate. One common issue is ammonium toxicity.

Ammonium toxicity occurs when there is too much ammonium available for plant uptake in the soil and plants absorb harmful amounts of it. The preferred form of nitrogen for plant uptake is nitrate nitrogen and the conversion of urea and ammonium into nitrate-nitrogen in the soil is a biological process governed by temperature, moisture, and soil ph. The symptoms of ammonium toxicity include chlorosis of leaves, decreased growth, and poor root development.


Early calcium nutrition supports root development and crop establishment. Plants require a continuous supply of calcium for root growth. Roots do poorly in soils with low levels of soluble (plant-available) calcium. A better root system means better access to water and nutrients and higher yield potential.

In addition, calcium helps improve the plant’s tolerance to early diseases and environmental stresses. Calcium makes strong cell walls and membranes which increase resistance to pathogen infections.

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