Manage Heat and Drought Stress in your Crop with YaraLiva

No matter the crop, success in every growing season comes down to managing plant stress and how the plant responds to it. The right balance of available nutrients, especially calcium, goes a long way in helping the plant when under stress and producing a melon crop that can withstand heat and drought.

Drought and heat waves often accompany each other and water and heat stress can have similar effects on crops. Water stress, however, can affect crops even in moderate temperature conditions.

Water stress results in reduced turgor pressure which impacts several key processes in plants including cell division and enlargement. Water stress can lead to smaller leaves and fruit, thereby reducing crop yield and quality. Reduced photosynthesis is one of the first effects of water stress thus reducing the energy available to drive crop growth and yield.

Calcium promotes good root health and growth so the roots are better able to explore the soil to extract all the water that is in the soil. Roots that are calcium-deficient are shorter, thicker, with shortened, root hairs.

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Crops suffering from water stress are damaged by Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) such as hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and the oxide ion (O2-) that form in response to stress. These ROS compounds damage plant membranes, proteins, and RNA and DNA. Calcium reduces the concentration and activity of these ROS compounds and thereby reduces the damage from water stress.

Calcium also plays a second key role as part of the communication system in plants by signaling the water stress and triggering plant responses to water stress.

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Benefits of YaraLiva Calcium Nitrate

How do you ensure that your crops have all the calcium they need to manage water stress? YaraLiva Calcium Nitrate is the ideal choice to provide your crop with calcium.

Fertilizers like YaraLiva® TROPICOTE® or YaraLiva® CN-9® have typically been used early in the spring to provide crops with readily available nitrate-N when soil and air temperatures are cool. However, the soluble calcium in YaraLiva TROPICOTE and CN-9 also plays a key role in helping crops overcome environmental stresses such as heat, water, salinity and sodicity.

YaraLiva products need to be part of your season-long fertilizer program in order to reach optimal yield and quality.




Did you know that YaraLiva has the lowest Carbon Footprint of any Calcium Nitrate product on the market?

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