Exploring Nature-Positive Solutions in Forage Production

Yara has established a new Incubator Farm in partnership with a Livingston County, New York, farm that produces feed for dairy operations. The 150-acre site will serve as a knowledge hub for innovation in dairy feed production and environmental sustainability. 

The incubator farm will leverage Yara's expertise in crop nutrition to enhance forage quality for dairy operations using a program of low-carbon fertilizers, micronutrient solutions and biologicals to optimize feed quality. Through frequent soil and tissue sampling by Yara, the farm will provide a full dataset on feed quality and yield to determine program effectiveness with the ultimate goal of producing higher-quality feed with a lower environmental impact.

The farm will follow a typical dairy rotation of corn silage and alfalfa. The corn was planted in alternating strips and alfalfa will be planted in other alternating strips this summer, with triticale to follow as a cover crop. Yara and the farmer will conduct this program in partnership with a 4R-certified local retailer in the Genesee Valley region of New York.

triticale triticale

Treatments for both corn silage and alfalfa include:

  • Grower standard crop nutrition plan
  • A focus on incorporating low carbon footprint fertilizers including YaraLiva UCAN and YaraLiva® CN-9®
  • A dynamic crop nutrition plan to meet in season agronomic concerns using YaraVita® products
  • Using Yara’s new YaraAmplix™ products for improved nutrient use efficiency
  • A full Yara program that combines low carbon footprint fertilizers, meeting crop needs in season with YaraVita, and utilizing YaraAmplix products for nutrient use efficiency

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For more information about the Dairy Incubator Farm, contact 

Emmaline Long, Agronomy Solutions Manager