YaraVera AMIDAS: Topdress efficiently

YaraVera AMIDAS (40-0-0+5.5) is a unique granular, homogenous nitrogen and sulfate sulfur fertilizer that is readily available to crops. The 7:1. nitrogen to sulfur ratio is ideal for corn and wheat. Nitrogen and sulfur work together to build protein inside the plant.

More Acres Per Day

YaraVera AMIDAS provides uniform and wider spreading capabilities for more efficient application.

spread 80 x 120.PNG

passes increase.PNG

Based on: 12 MPH Spreading Speed, 10-inch Spreader Tire


Topdressed UAN and Urea can cause leaf burn affecting yield potential. YaraVera Amidas is a hard granule that will reduce the dust associated with crop burn.

UAN and Urea cause leaf burn.png


Product Density (Lbs/cu. ft.) Hardness (kg)
Ammonium sulfate 47 - 53 1.5 - 2.5
Urea, granular 46 - 48 1.5 - 4.5
YaraVera AMIDAS 48 - 50 5.5 - 6.5








Benefits of harder fertilizer

  • Less pulverization by high-speed spinners
  • Less dust created
  • Less crop burn
  • More uniform spreading
  • Increased spreading width

Spreading width.PNG


Uneven nutrient application causes striped fields and reduced yields. YaraVera AMIDAS is homogeneous; even nutrient distribution is achieved.

stripes due to uneven applications.PNG