YaraLiva® CN-9® Compatibility Guide

YaraLiva CN-9 is ideal for fertigation applications via low volume or furrow irrigation, with easy calibration. YaraLiva CN-9 provides nitrogen and calcium immediately available for plants.

YaraLiva CN-9
Total Nitrogen (N) 9.0% Safety Gravity (68o F) 1.465
        Nitrogen N (NO3) 8.42% Weight per gallon (lbs) 12.2
        Ammonium N (NH4) 0.58% pH 5.0-5.4
Calcium (Ca) 11.0% Salt out typical temp. 0-5o F
Derived from Calcium Nitrate and Ammonium Nitrate


Liquid Fertilizer Blend Benefits

Utilizing YaraLiva CN-9 in straight applications is a clear way to supply key nutrients when and where you need them most. However, an added benefit of YaraLiva CN-9 is its mixability with other nutrient sources. Formulating liquid fertilizer blends with more than one source can supply more key nutrients per application. This in turn reduces the risks involved in managing several tanks on-site. YaraLiva CN-9, alongside other nutrient sources can more efficiently provide physiological benefits like the ones listed below.

Nutrient Physiological Benefit
Nitrogen Nitrogen is found in plant protein and chlorophyll. It is a major part of the protoplasm and nucleus of the living cell and a component of DNA.
Phosphorus A plentiful supply of P promotes rapid growth, leaf size and plant tillering. It also brings forward maturity and stimulates flower, seed and fruit production.
Potassium Potassium improves the color, flavor and storing quality of fruit and vegetables. Potassium is also involved in the production and transport of sugars in the plant; enzyme activation; and synthesis of proteins.
Calcium Calcium is needed at the growing points of new tissues where it plays an essential part in root and tip development. One of its most important functions is as a constituent of the cell wall, the middle of which is mainly calcium.
Magnesium Magnesium is a vital constituent of plant chlorophyll. It also activates many enzyme reactions in the plant and is needed for the movement of phosphorous into and through the plant.


Benefits of Fertigating Nutrients in Specialty Crops

  • Increased control of macro and micronutrient delivery
  • Works in conjunction with irrigation system and schedule
  • Supplies crop with nutrients and water where and when the plant demands it most


Fertilizer Compatibility

To produce water-clear fluid fertilizers, we must blend compatible fertilizer salts or amend the solution chemistry so that all nutrients can remain in solution to prevent precipitation of insoluble components. Otherwise, a precipitate will occur.

Liquid Fertilizer Compatibility Chart

compatibility chart web.png

legend compatibility chart.png

*YaraLiva CN-9 is not compatible with phosphates or sulfates.

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