Blended fertilizer quality

Over the years, Yara has commissioned a number of surveys to investigate the quality of blended fertilizer products available to UK farmers. Unfortunately, the latest results show a significant cause for concern with the quality of blended fertilizers.

How was the research undertaken? 

We bought several tons of 23 different blended fertilizers. Bags were selected at random. Each product was sampled, weighed and its packaging audited by an independent expert. Yara’s blended fertilizer was included in the tests and bags were similarly selected at random. Everything was tested and analyzed by an independent auditor to secure accurate results.

What was tested? 

  • Nutrient analysis – all bags of fertilizer carry a declaration of its contents. We were testing to see if what was stated on the bag, was actually in the bag.  
  • Weight – you buy a quantity of fertilizer and trust that that is what you receive, so we wanted to check the weight of the bags.  
  • Packaging – the durability of the bags was tested to see how rugged they were.  
  • Traceability – can your fertilizer be traced back to the raw material source? 

What were the results? 

  • 64% of bags didn’t contain the nutrients stated on the bag 
  • 36% bags tested were underweight 
  • 46% bags had inappropriate packaging 
  • 59% bags couldn’t be traced to source 

What does this mean for you? 

We all want a good deal and you no doubt shop around to make your money go further. But the best deal is not always the cheapest. Unfortunately, our results show that you may be buying a blended fertilizer that under-delivers in the following ways: 

  • You rely on the nutrient declaration stated on the bag. What if that’s incorrect and you’re applying the wrong nutrients to your crops? You could be sacrificing crop quality and yield. 
  • You may be overpaying for your fertilizer because you’re being short-changed on the quantity of fertilizer actually in the bag. 
  • If the packaging isn’t thick enough, you may end up losing fertilizer through bags ripping too easily or water getting in. High quality packaging protects your investment. 
  • Traceable fertilizer keeps us all safe, and increases the quality of fertilizer. If you know what’s going in to making it, you know what you’re putting on your field. 

A cheap fertilizer, can end up being quite expensive. With Yara, quality is guaranteed: 

Yara's Product Guarantee

  • We produce our own fertilizer so everything is traceable to source and we know exactly what we’re putting into our bags.
  • We’ve heavily invested in technology to monitor how much we’re putting into our bags, removing dust and debris and blending the right quantity of nutrients. 
  • Our bags are highly durable to protect your fertilizer so you suffer no wastage.
  • In order to see Yara's Product Specification Guarantee, please click on the image to the right.