Zinc and Manganese: Required for Optimal Growth and Development at “Spring Flush”

March 2021

Spring flush is just around the corner and we need to understand the critical roles of zinc and manganese.

Zinc and manganese are two very important micronutrients for citrus. Zinc (Zn) is critical during the early growth stages as it is essential for numerous metabolic reactions. Having adequate zinc levels throughout the growing season is critical to prevent premature leaf fall and improve bud development, flowering and fruit set. Deficiencies in zinc cause small leaves and chlorosis which significantly reduces shoot growth and yield potential.

Manganese (Mn) plays a strong role photosynthesis, chlorophyll formation, and nitrate reduction. It helps plants use N more efficiently. Manganese is a common deficiency in Central Valley citrus. Symptoms start on young, fully developed and medium-sized leaves. Yellow/green discoloration and yellow blotches appear (leaf mottling) in between veins that eventually extend over the interveinal areas. Necrotic spots develop with severe deficiency.


Providing sufficient nutrition to crops should be a top priority for every grower. Appropriate nutrient balance is necessary to optimize plant nutrition for fruit yield and quality. If a nutrient proves deficient, yield production will fall even if the other nutrients are in adequate supply.

Leffingwell® Nutra-Spray® ZM is a fully formulated foliar-applied product providing a great solution for spring flush nutrition.

  • High analysis, pH neutral, wettable powder that provides the essential nutrients zinc, manganese and zinc over several days giving a cost-effective treatment.
  • Extremely fine particle size gives thorough coverage, efficient nutrient uptake, and enhanced spray ability.
  • Tank-mixable with most used agrichemicals.
  • High quality consistent product.

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Vanessa Vicencio

Sales Agronomist at Yara North America - South Central Valley, California


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Vanessa Vicencio
Vanessa Vicencio
Sales Agronomist

South Central Valley, California