Let the harvest begin... and let's talk about post-harvest nutrition

October 2020

Early varieties of citrus such as the M7 and Fukumoto navels are now being harvested. Following these will be Fisher, Washington, and many more.

Balanced nutrition is one of the most important factors that affect quality, yield and storage potential of citrus fruit. A solid citrus crop fertilizer program that provides all essential nutrients when the crop demands them is critical.

Post-harvest applications of nitrogen and potassium are important to prepare for the following growing season. For every 1,000 pounds of navel fruits, the removal is about 2.2 pounds of nitrogen per acre. Potassium requirements are generally up to 1.5 times higher than nitrogen. Micronutrients such as boron, manganese, zinc and copper can also be applied post-harvest to support the following year’s leaf, shoot and subsequent crop growth.

Boron is needed for flowering, cell division and cell elongation. It influences the metabolism of the growth hormone auxin with zinc, as well as phenols for antioxidant properties. Deficiencies in citrus cause albedo breakdown. 

Copper acts as a catalyst in photosynthesis and respiration. It affects protein production and pollen viability. Deficiencies in citrus cause limb die-back and bark gumming. 

Manganese supports photosynthesis, enzyme activation, and plant protein metabolism. Deficiencies in citrus cause mottled leaf.

Zinc is another catalyst in many of the enzyme and hormone systems used for protein synthesis and carbohydrate metabolism. Deficiencies in citrus cause chlorotic mottling of leaf. 

YaraVita® PROCOTE™ is a dealer applied proprietary micronutrient coating that allows dry, granular fertilizer to evenly and efficiently distribute essential micronutrients to growing crops. 

YaraVita PROCOTE is available in boron, copper, manganese, zinc and blends as well. 

  • YaraVita PROCOTE B - 0.8 lb of B per gallon
  • YaraVita PROCOTE Cu - 4.1 lbs of Cu per gallon
  • YaraVita PROCOTE Mn - 4.1 lbs of Mn per gallon
  • YaraVita PROCOTE Zn - 5.8 lbs of Zn per gallon
  • YaraVita PROCOTE BCMZ - 0.5 lb of B, 0.8 lb of Cu, 0.8 lb of Mn, and 1.6 lb of Zn per gallon 
  • YaraVita PROCOTE BMZ - 0.5 lb of B, 0.8 lb of Mn, and 1.6 lb of Zn per gallon



Consistent return on investment across all crops

  • Higher yields and better return on investment

Increased Feeding Sites and Better Nutrient Accessibility

  • Consistent and even distribution through coating technology

Improved Operations and Fertilizer Handling

  • YaraVita PROCOTE decreases granular fertilizer dust by over 99%


Vanessa Vicencio

Sales Agronomist at Yara North America - South Central Valley, California


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Vanessa Vicencio
Vanessa Vicencio
Sales Agronomist

South Central Valley, California