P, Mg, Zn, and B - Essential Nutrients This Season and Next

September 2019

Phosphorus is important in metabolism, energy transfer, and photosynthate transport during citrus production. Regular phosphorus applications help maintain the yield and fruit quality of citrus trees. Good availability is important during periods of active root growth.

Magnesium is needed for many processes in the citrus tree, particularly chlorophyll production and photosynthesis. Magnesium applications have been proven to increase yield, as shown in trials done with navel oranges. Trials have shown that applying foliar magnesium to citrus has provided substantial increases in yield primarily due to increased fruit weight. Magnesium not only increases yield but also increases sugar content in fruit and reduces fruit cracking.

foliar magnesium graph.png

Zinc is involved in plant metabolism. It is needed to form auxins which promote growth. It also plays an important role in the formation and function of chlorophyll and photosynthesis. Deficiencies in this essential micronutrient can result in reduced fruit size and decreased yields. Both soil and foliar zinc applications are effective in boosting citrus yields and overall health of trees.

Boron is an essential component of properly formed cell walls. Deficiencies in boron can lead to unstable cell walls that lack the strength to function normally. This element helps promote sugar transport, flowering, and pollen tube development. It also promotes root and shoot meristem elongation. It is essential from fruit set to maturation to ensure optimal yields by reducing fruit drop and increasing fruit quality.

YaraVita BUD BUILDER WP is a wettable powder combining these four key nutrients to improve tree and vine productivity. With significant amounts of phosphorus, magnesium, boron, and zinc, YaraVita Bud Builder WP is ideal for application in citrus pre-bloom, petal fall, during sizing, summer, and fall.

YaraVita BUD BUILDER WP is formulated for safe application at critical growth stages to satisfy crop requirements and is widely tank mixable with other crop sprays. Learn more at www.tankmix.com/yara.



Vanessa Vicencio

Sales Agronomist at Yara North America - South Central Valley, California


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Vanessa Vicencio
Vanessa Vicencio
Sales Agronomist

South Central Valley, California