Higher Yields, Better Health with Calcium Nitrate

Achieve higher yields, less susceptibility to diseases such as clubroot, and better quality for brassica crops with YaraLiva Calcium Nitrate.

Why YaraLiva Calcium Nitrate is the top choice for fertilizing brassica crops? 

  • YaraLiva® Calcium Nitrate supplies readily available nitrate-nitrogen, the form of nitrogen preferred by most crops.
  • Calcium Nitrate provides 100% water-soluble calcium.
  • Calcium helps crops minimize disease and environmental stresses such as heat and soil salts.
  • All ammonium-based nitrogen fertilizers increase the risk of clubroot, a serious and destructive disease of all brassica crops.

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YaraLiva Calcium Nitrate helps reduce clubroot in brassica crops

Clubroot is a devastating disease of brassica crops including broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, and cauliflower. Infected roots are unable to absorb water and nutrients, top growth is stunted and lower leaves may yellow and drop off.

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There is little effective genetic resistance to this disease and no chemical control measures. Using extended crop rotations has proven helpful. In addition, since low pH can provide beneficial conditions for germination of clubroot spores close to the roots, one very important management factor that the growers can use is nitrate nutrition. YaraLiva Calcium Nitrate does not induce a residual acid reaction in the rhizosphere and thus can help suppress clubroot development. Also, a good calcium nutrition reduces the incidence of clubroot by strengthening cell walls and increasing membrane integrity. Crops that are well supplied with calcium are more resistant to attack by pathogens and have a reduced risk of infection and gall formation.

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YaraLiva Calcium Nitrate is available as either YaraLiva Tropicote, a dry granule that readily dissolves and quickly moves into the soil, YaraLiva Calcinit, a dry granule specially formulated to readily dissolve for use in fertigation, or liquid YaraLiva CN-9 and YaraLiva CAN-17.

  YaraLiva CAN-17 YaraLiva CN-9 YaraLiva CALCINIT YaraLiva TROPICOTE
Form Liquid Liquid Dry-Soluble Grade Dry-Field Grade
N concentration 17% 9% 15.5% 15.5%
Ammonium-N 33% 6% 6% 6%
Nitrate-N 67% 94% 94% 94%
Ca concentration 8.8% 11% 19% 19%
sebastian korob
Sebastian Korob
Regional Market Development Manager