Boost Crop Growth with Foliar Nutrition

Bloom is here and the upcoming plant growth stages are critical to reach maximum yield potential. Foliar fertilizers, to supplement your fertigation efforts; included with your IPM spray applications are valuable for each different stage of plant and crop development throughout the season.

Early season plant growth is critical and sets the stage for crop yield potential. Root establishment is crucial for optimum crop production. Foliar phosphorus along with potassium, magnesium, zinc and manganese from YaraVita® SOLATREL™ provide quick-acting source of energy to stimulate new rooting.

YaraVita SOLATREL can be described as an enhanced solar radiation production factory input for the crop. Photosynthesis is the plant process of converting free sunlight energy into plant usable energy. The more capacity that your tree has, much like a bank of batteries; the more ability it has to set and size and finish off a good crop for you. YaraVita SOLATREL contains essential magnesium for chlorophyll activity. Both zinc and manganese are included, which stimulate plant hormone and enzyme production. This is a synergistic combination with the high phosphorus content. Valuable potassium is also present in the product for crop fill during cell division, expansion and stress reduction in season.

active flushes - new growth.jpg

Active flushes of new growth need an active root system

Increased rooting fuels a greater plant development response. Continued applications throughout the season keep the plant at a high level of energy production. You can help create and maintain a balanced reproductive plant. YaraVita SOLATREL provides the energy for heightened photosynthesis during stress conditions of weather or pest. ACP applications are a perfect time to support the tree with YaraVita SOLATREL foliar applications. This foliar energy boost increases the plants' ability to convert sunlight into sugar and stimulate other plant growth processes. More leaf canopy and fruit development are initiated and maintained throughout the season with this energy. Periods of stress are reduced with a higher amount of stored plant carbohydrates from the synergy of the foliar applied high phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, zinc and manganese. YaraVita SOLATREL is the solar radiation expert of choice.


Improved foliar nutrition can play a key role in helping plants mitigate the effects of environmental stress during peak production periods


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Patricia Dingus
Patricia Dingus
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Eddie Muro
Eddie Muro
Sales Agronomist

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David Morgan
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