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YaraVita Glytrel MnP

YaraVita Glytrel MnP

YaraVita® Glytrel™ MnP is a unique glyphosate-compatible foliar fertilizer for soybeans which contains manganese and phosphorus. Glytrel MnP is fully formulated for safe application at critical growth stages, and mitigates potentially yield limiting effects associated with glyphosate application.


YaraVita Procote

YaraVita® Procote™ is an innovative liquid technology developed by Yara for coating prilled and granular fertilizers with micronutrients.

Yara agrees to acquire facility in West Sacramento

Yara West Sacramento terminal

Furthering its commitment to California's farmers and retailers, Yara North America has acquired a facility in West Sacramento for import of finished products to complement its existing West Coast operations.

New Stockton bagging line

Yara Stockton Gateway Terminal bagging equipment

Capable of forming, filling, sealing and stacking 2000 bags an hour, Yara North America’s Stockton Gateway Terminal recently inaugurated its new, highly automated fertilizer bagging line.

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