May 01, 2020

Yara Farm and Family Outreach

Yara North America will be making corporate donations totaling $100,000 to 4 different Food Bank initiatives across North America in response to the COVID-19 crisis under a program named Yara Farm and Family Outreach.

This is in addition to the contributions already initiated at Yara Belle Plaine. These programs help to assist growers by originating excess products directly from growers and distributing them through Food Bank systems to families and community groups in need, satisfying one of our goals to support our grower customers as well as those who need direct food assistance. The four organizations we are working with are Farmers Feeding Florida, Feeding the Carolinas, California Association of Food Banks and Food Banks Canada where we have reviewed their programs and we feel comfortable that the contributions will be used for the intended purpose.

Yara employees can also choose to participate individually in this program and we have set up an easy method within each of these organizations for Yara North America employees and friends to make contributions to the same initiative. If you are interested, just follow the instructions for each of the programs below.

Providers will track totals - Target Areas:


Farmers Feeding Florida Campaign

  1. Check to be sure URL comes up in your address bar this way
  2. Enter your information directly in the “To Donate Money:” section indicating the amount and frequency. Leave the selection program criteria blank.
  3. Submit your donation

Note: if experiencing issues with this link, just select the General Support button instead.



Feeding the Carolinas

  1. Enter your gift amount and personal information in the appropriate sections.
  2. Submit your donation.



The California Association of Food Banks

  1. Enter a donation amount, frequency, and payment information in the respective sections.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, locate the “If you have a special purpose for donation” section. Please enter “Yara” in the text box, but don’t check the “please send an acknowledgment” box.
  3. Submit your donation.



Food Banks Canada

  1. Click Donate To Team
  2. Complete your personal information and gift amount
  3. Submit donation