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April 2021


Foliar Nutrition will help you Achieve High Marketable Yields

Providing a balanced nutritional program for tomatoes is fundamental to achieve high marketable yields. Foliar fertilizers work together with the fertigation programs and management practices to provide immediately available key nutrients that have a critical role in ensuring higher yields and better fruit quality.

Foliar fertilizers can be included in the Integrated Pest Management spray applications at each stage of plant growth and development. YaraVita® foliar nutrition products are easy to use formulations widely tank mixable with most crop protection chemicals. The nutrients provided in foliar sprays can help overcome periods of plant stress caused by high crop nutrient demands, adverse environmental conditions or the use of pesticides that negatively affect the normal growth and development of plants. Visit for details.


"Vita” is derived from the Old Norse word meaning knowledge. YaraVita foliar line ensures crops get the nutrients they need and that growers gain more from optimally performing crops. This results in maximum nutrient availability based on product choice and application timings.

YaraVita® MAGPHOS™ 0-29-5, 4 Mg

Early season plant growth is critical to set the stage for the crop potential for the entire season. Root establishment is crucial for optimum production. Foliar phosphorus along with potassium and magnesium from YaraVita MAGPHOS provide quick acting source of energy to stimulate rooting. In turn, this fuels a greater plant development.

Continued applications of YaraVita MAGPHOS throughout the season keep the plant at a high level of production. You create a balanced vigorous, reproductive plant. YaraVita MAGPHOS provides the energy for heightened photosynthesis. This increases the plants ability to convert sunlight into sugar and other plant growth processes. More flowering and fruiting points are initiated and maintained throughout the season with this energy.

YaraVita® SENIPHOS™ 3-23-0, 3% Calcium

YaraVita SENIPHOS combines soluble calcium with high-energy phosphorus. Applications of highly available phosphorous and calcium early in the growing season can help to influence a more rapid cycle of cell division and cell expansion, which leads to larger and healthier growth. Then, later in the growing season, during fruit development stages, one or two application of YaraVita SENIPHOS helps improve fruit color uniformity without fruit softening.

YaraVita® STOPIT™ 12% Calcium

When you have a good fruit set and developing fruit size, foliar calcium will enhance fruit firmness and quality. YaraVita STOPIT is a high-analysis foliar material to be applied in the fruiting cycle. Calcium plays a critical role in cell membrane and cell wall integrity that results in a firmer fruit. Calcium nutrition will minimize the occurrence of blossom end rot, increasing quality and marketable yields. YaraVita STOPIT is tank-mix compatible with both MAGPHOS and SENIPHOS.

Foliar Potassium

Potassium deficiency is one of the most common problems in tomato production today. Applying foliar potassium can help alleviate some of that deficiency and improve tomato yield and quality. The highest demand of potassium occurs during fruit bulking. Foliar potassium applied at early fruit development and repeated at 10- day intervals improve the levels of sugars in the fruit and promote more uniform ripening.

Contact your local Yara representative for product options in your region.

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Sebastian Korob
Crop Manager, Vegetable/Berries
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Allison Couch
Sales Agronomist

South Central Valley, California

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Katelin Andrew
Sales Agronomist

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Tim Barrett
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Vanessa Vicencio
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