Give your lettuce and tomato crops a stronger start this spring

The form of nitrogen used is particularly important for growing lettuce and tomatoes, and ensuring the proper balance of nitrate-nitrogen and ammonium-nitrogen is vital. Nitrate-nitrogen is the preferred form of nitrogen for fruits and vegetables in general. Field research confirms that using nitrate-nitrogen can significantly increase yields compared to using ammonium-nitrogen. Nitrate-nitrogen promotes uptake of critical nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, increasing fruit quality and flavor. Conversely, high levels of ammonium-nitrogen reduce uptake of calcium, magnesium, and potassium which can reduce fruit quality.

Calcium is also a critical nutrient as it is a key component of cells holding the structure of cell walls and stabilizing cell membranes. Therefore, calcium has a direct effect in plant health and quality. Research shows that early supplies of Ca promote a stronger start and reduce susceptibility to diseases.

YaraLiva Calcium Nitrates provide fast-acting nitrate-N, alongside strength-building calcium. In combination, these nutrients fuel prolonged growth.

Get more from your fertilizer

With YaraLiva Calcium Nitrate products there are more total nutrients than in other liquid nitrogen products.

Feed your crops the calcium they can take

The effectiveness of Ca relies on its solubility. Fertigated YaraLiva Calcium Nitrates deliver a regular supply of readily available calcium. In addition, Ca uptake is boosted when applied with nitrate-N.

Improve yield, health and quality

Calcium is essential in increasing plant's resistance to diseases and nutrient-related disorders such as BER in tomatoes and tip-burn in lettuce. The end results are healthier plants, better quality produce and higher yields.

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Nitrogen products are not all the same. Find out why.

The addition of soluble calcium during spring applications improves root growth and sets the crop up for improved yields this fall.

Watch this free webinar where Dr. Steve Petrie discusses the many benefits calcium nitrate delivers to crops.

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Lettuce Trial: Tipburn

Data shows that YaraLiva calcium nitrates applied as the primary nitrogen source in the irrigation system can help reduce or eliminate the calcium deficiency that results in tipburn, reduced shelf life, and poor quality lettuce.


Tomatoes Trial: BER

As a result of cationic competition, over- use of ammonium as the main source of nitrogen, can markedly increase the incidence of BER.

tomato trial

Tomato Trial: Yield, Quality and Profit/ac

Results from 2018 tomato trials show that the use of a Yara program that includes YaraLiva Calcium Nitrate overperforms a standard fertilizer program with UAN-32 as the main nitrogen source in terms of yields, quality and ROI.