Fall Foliar Nutrition Options for Almonds

Post-harvest foliar nutrition is a key component of a comprehensive, year-round nutrient management plan for high producing almond orchards. While there are an abundance of options available in the market, YaraVita BUD BUILDER WP and YaraVita SAFE K provide a tank mix that addresses all of the key elements needed by almonds with unparalleled crop safety and efficacy.

Providing the right elements at the right time

Post-harvest applications of phosphorus, zinc, and boron are known to be beneficial for almonds. Zinc and boron are critical for leaf and flower health and fruit set at bloom next year. Phosphorus provides the energy for the plant to move these nutrients where they need to go, and is an essential component of RuBisCo, an enzyme required at the beginning of the Calvin Cycle. If RuBisCo is deficient, plants are unable to fix carbon dioxide efficiently, leading to photorespiration and damage to leaves and their critical internal organelles. Potassium is critical to increase nut size and promotes healthy plant metabolism. The addition of magnesium is also critical at this time. While trees are recovering from the multitude of stresses associated with harvest, photosynthetic efficiency and activity is often reduced. Magnesium is the heart of the chlorophyll molecule and is required for RuBisCo. Providing ample magnesium at the right time promotes chlorophyll development, turning your trees in to photosynthetic powerhouses. Giving your trees a jumpstart promotes a strong finish to this year – and a strong start to next year.

Formulations Matter

All YaraVita foliar solutions are produced using the highest quality raw materials. YaraVita wettable powders and suspension concentrate products are formulated to have specific proportions of particle sizes ranging from small to large in order to provide a sustained feeding effect to your trees. True solution products are designed to act quickly within the plant, providing an immediate plant response. Yara’s commitment to using only the best raw materials ensures that YaraVita foliar products provide the best combination of efficacy and safety on the market. All YaraVita materials are also fully formulated , containing the appropriate surfactants, adjuvants, humectants and other additives to increase product safety and efficacy.


YaraVita BUD BUILDER WP and YaraVita SAFE K are two key components of a comprehensive tree nutrition program.



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