Practical solutions that positively impact food production by improving water productivity and soil health are key for the longevity of the California almond industry. Today’s growers are faced with water scarcity, drought and rising temperatures, and the need for proactively protecting and, in some situations, regenerating our soil resources has never been more critical to combat these issues. In short, we need better soil. Better soil means better water productivity, better nitrogen use efficiency, and an overall better environment.

Yara with Heliae Ag has launched the BetterSoil Alliance to support the California almond industry in its pursuit of sustainable farming practices. Through the alliance, sustainably-focused solutions will be put to the test to understand their collective impact on critical issues the almond industry faces including water scarcity, drought and rising temperatures year-over-year. Whether you’re a groweradvisor, retailer, handler, innovator, or part of a food company there is a way to get involved and join in the efforts.