AN Emulsion Grade

AN Emulsion grade

AN Emulsion grade

AN-E is dense ammonium nitrate prills obtained by spraying the melted product. It is purified Ammonium Nitrates for explosives, used in the manufacture of emulsion matrix. Even minor levels of iron (> 15 ppm) make it impossible to produce emulsion explosives, we therefore guarantee the right quality AN for emulsion.

AN-E is sold in bags of 1250Kgs which allow for transport and storage efficiencies.

What is Ammonium Nitrate Emulsion grade?

  • Purified quality dense prill, that is not porous 
  • Mixed/blended with hot water + other chemicals it becomes an “emulsion” 
  • “State of the art” explosive technology used in most large scale mines 
  • Requires an emulsion plant and mixing truck, therefore know-how and equipment

Choose Yara’s AN-E to gain more consistent product quality

  • Be less exposed to caking and have improved flowability
  • No flocculation required after melting prior to emulsion manufacture