Ammonium nitrates explosive grades

AN Emulsion grade

AN Explosives Grade

Ammonium nitrates explosive grades are essential components to the production of civil explosives or for the blasting at your site. Yara is the world’s largest independent producer of AN for civil explosive usage. With its network of production sites and its 200 warehouses and terminals around the world, you can count on reliable deliveries of Ammonium Nitrate explosive grades. 

We provide you with several different AN Explosives Grades options including:

Ammonium Nitrate/ Civil Explosives

Our range includes several types of Ammonium Nitrates:

Though hazardous, AN is safe if used according to the appropriate guidelines

Ammonium Nitrate is not toxic to handle and cannot burn or explode spontaneously. If exposed to heat or fire, Ammonium Nitrate can decompose and release toxic fumes. 

Our research center in Porsgrunn, Norway maintains our cutting edge chemical knowledge and is committed to constantly develop the best applications for our clients.

Do's and DONT's when handling Ammonium Nitrate