Concrete Accelerator admixture

Concrete accelerator

Are you looking for a setting accelerator for your concrete admixture that brings both better performance and increased productivity in all temperatures?

Then Yara’s NitCal, the multifunctional concrete admixture, is the solution for you.

The multifunctional concrete admixture:

  • Our multifunctional concrete admixture provides setting acceleration, supports cold weather concreting and brings counteraction of retardation from plasticizers. Used in conjunction with a super plasticizer, NitCal optimizes the use of water and cement, whilst accelerating setting time. It means that even in winter and when harsh weather conditions set in, a construction site can continue to operate. Click here to learn more about NitCal’s concrete setting accelerator features
  • NitCal provides extra strength to structures by reducing corrosion of reinforcements. Unlike chloride based accelerators that can cause severe corrosion damage, NitCal is a non-corrosive accelerator. Click here to learn more about NitCal’s concrete corrosion inhibitor properties
  • In addition, NitCal is environmentally friendly, non hazardous to use and does not provoke alkali aggregate reactions.
Concrete Setting Accelerator

Concrete setting accelerator

Our concrete setting accelerator NitCal has many benefits in a range of concrete pouring situations. You can use Yara’s concrete setting accelerator without any risk to the quality of your concrete:

  • It allows cold weather concreting, even in very severe weather. No need to stop activity at your construction site even if the winter is unusually cold!
  • It neutralizes the slowdown of setting due to use of plasticizers.
  • It optimizes your consumption of water and cement, when used in conjunction with a superplasticizer. NitCal utilizes hydration heat to prevent freezing, it does not shift the freezing point of water.
Concrete Corrosion Inhibitor

Concrete corrosion inhibitor

NitCal reduces the corrosion of reinforced concrete used in buildings or structures. Thus, it increases the strength of structures, extends their life and improves the security of the building over the long term. Unlike chlorine accelerators that can seriously damage fittings, NitCal is a non-corrosive accelerator. In addition, NitCal is an environmentally friendly product that is non-hazardous and that does not cause alkali-aggregate reaction (AAR).

Concrete Admixture Carbon Footprint

Concrete admixture carbon footprint

Carbon footprint is a concern for concrete producers, and for the construction companies on their site. Using NitCal helps to attain a better carbon footprint as Yara uses state of the art technology in its production plants to reduce CO2 emissions, such as the nitro-phosphate process, and also the reduction of N2O by utilising its own proprietary catalysts.