Specialty Chemicals

With over 100 years history in the nitrates and nitrogen chemicals business, Yara has developed a range of specialty chemicals that address the needs of many industries: concrete, latex production, oil drilling and oil reservoirs, electronics industry, medical gases to name a few. Our R&D centers continuously research the properties of nitrogen chemicals and nitrates in particular to see how they can best serve in different industrial processes.

Our researchers’ focus is on finding applications that will optimize your industrial processes on the basis of nitrogen chemicals performance or function. With these specialty chemicals solutions in hand, we find ways to help you optimize your production processes and ultimately increase your business performance.

Over the years, Yara has pioneered and marketed a full range of specialty chemicals based on nitrates and nitrogen chemicals with applications in:

Drilling fluid additive for Oil exploration and production image

Drilling fluid additive for Oil exploration and production

Nitrate can be used as an internal phase in OBM’s/SBM’s, an inorganic flocculent in WBM’s, or to mitigate/prevent sulphate-reducing bacteria during oil production. Nitrates provide an environmental solution to drilling waste management and oil reservoir management. Process advantages include higher drilling rates, lower cost disposal of drilling wastes as well as “sweet” oil production for longer oil field life.

Concentrated latex dipping coagulant for glove manufacturing: image

Concentrated Latex dipping coagulent

Concentrated latex dipping coagulant to provide a perfect start in the latex and synthetic rubber glove manufacturing process. It is commercialized under the Dipcal™ brand name.

Molten Salt for Concentrated Solar Power plants image

Molten Salt for Concentrated Solar Power plants

A new, low melting point ternary molten salt for use in heat storage systems or as heat transfer fluid (HTF) in solar thermal power plants. This new molten salt brings significant cost reductions and a lower melting point.). CSP plants (also known as "concentrated solar power" or "concentrating solar power") use parabolic trough systems, solar tower systems and Fresnel linear technology.

Ammonium Nitrate for Medical gases

Ammonium Nitrate for Medical gases

High purity ammonium nitrate for the production of nitrous oxide or laughing gas used by hospitals around the world, offering full product traceability down to the batch number.

Ammonium Nitrate for Electronic gases image

Ammonium Nitrate for Electronic gases

Purest solid form ammonium nitrate, no anti-caking agent or other additives. Ammonium Nitrate Electronics Grade is 99,9% pure. Such high purity is essential in gas production used in the electronics manufacturing process.