Nitrogen Chemicals

Over a 100 years in nitrogen chemicals

Since 1905 and our first nitrates production in Norway, Yara has leveraged its knowledge to enable sustainable operations all over the world and to take leading positions in ammonia, urea and technical nitrates. We are one of the leading manufacturers of urea and ammonia. With our in-house knowledge in nitrogen based chemicals, we continuously develop state of the art solutions for safe and environmentally friendly activities. Our portfolio of products in the United States includes a wide range of basic, or “commodity” chemicals used as a base component by many industries, as well as specialty chemicals for more niche applications :

Established local presence you can count on, backed by global reach

USA mapOur presence in the USA since 1946 is based on our strong production platform and our global supply capabilities in urea, ammonia and nitrates via a network of terminals on the East and West Coast. In 2008, Yara acquired nitrogen producer Saskferco and their plant in Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan in Canada. This is the largest urea and anhydrous ammonia manufacturing site in North America.

In addition, Yara is present in 150 countries with a network of 30 plants and over 200 terminals and warehouses, Yara reaches out not only to the USA but also to the far corners of the world. We are the world’s largest producer and trader of ammonia. Yara trades one third of the world’s ammonia.

Nitrogen chemicals, choosing Yara means:

  • We have a world-leading production base so you don’t run out of supply in basic or specialty chemicals.
  • We support you with just-in-time delivery of the urea, technical nitrates and speciality chemicals you need.
  • We are present locally in the US and there to understand your needs and develop the best expertise and safe solutions for your supplies across the country.

Every year, Yara ship over 20 million tons of our nitrogen chemicals worldwide, fully supporting the efficiency and safety of our clients’ operations worldwide. We have the flexibility and scale to answer your logistics needs and deliver the products in bulk or in packages. Urea, technical nitrates and speciality chemicals can come to your site directly in vessels, trains, trucks and barges.

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Yara's global presence

Safe custom-made solutions for all your needs

Safely handling and shipping of technical nitrates and speciality chemicals requires a know-how that Yara has accumulated over a century in the chemical business. This sound knowledge allows us to answer all the environmental, health, and safety concerns you may have regarding your supplies of urea, specialty chemicals or technical nitrates. Our experience in the logistics of nitrogen chemicals, as well as trained personnel and dedicated trucks, trains and vessels, ensure safe operations at your site. We understand the importance of safe as well as just-in-time deliveries.