Pure Nutrient

Yara’s nitrate-based fertilizers are Pure Nutrients, delivering tailor-made nutrition for each crop’s needs. When applied at the right rate with the right placement at the right time, the result is higher yielding crops of optimal quality with the lowest environmental impact of any nitrogen fertilizer in the marketplace.

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Nitrogen will be the most essential nutrient for increased food production as the population expands during the next few decades.  However, nitrogen must be balanced with other plant nutrients to maximize yield and return on investment to the grower while providing nutritious food for the populace.  While we are increasing yield, we must utilize our knowledge to become stewards of the land and protect the environment by lowering nutrient losses into the air and water. 

Different sources of mineral nitrogen react differently with the soil. These differences need to be taken into account when evaluating agronomic and environmental performances.


Pure Nutrient signatureNitrogen (N) is a vital element for plant life, stimulating plant growth and photosynthesis, as well as the uptake of other nutrients. Nitrate-based fertilizer provides the precision, efficiency and reliability required to meet the agronomic and environmental imperatives of modern agriculture.

Nitrates are absorbed directly by plants, hence we label them Pure Nutrients. Ammonia and urea however, are transformed into nitrate in the soil, and can be lost to the environment during this transformation.

Nitrates and nitrate-based compounds from Yara have a significantly lower environmental impact than other fertilizer products by having:  1) a lower life-cycle carbon footprint, 2) lower volatilization and 3) reduced leaching when properly managed.  Through the use of proprietary catalyst technology, Yara has reduced the carbon footprint of ammonium nitrate by 29% during manufacture.


Yara’s nitrogen-based crop nutrition solutions have the multiple effects of improving agricultural productivity while reducing environmental burden and greenhouse gas emissions. Making the right choice about nutrient sources is part of how farmers can approach best farming practices.

With our agronomic expertise and Crop Nutrition Concepts, we strongly advocate the 4R concept of applying mineral fertilizers based on crop needs.  [The right source at the right place at the right place at the right rate at the right time]

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