Foliar Nutrition & Micronutrient Coatings - YaraVita®

Yara’s fertilizers developed specifically for micronutrient application, as a foliar spray, seeds and fertilizer coating, or soil application through fertigation systems are called YaraVita®.

"Vita" is derived from the Old Norse word "vita," meaning knowledge


YaraVita comprehend a vast range of foliar nutrition and coating products, developed specifically for micronutrient application. 

Every product is designed and formulated from the very beginning for use in agriculture and horticulture. The YaraVita formulations deliver a specific nutrient or nutrient mix exactly when and where the crop needs it, boosting crop performance. This includes accurately applied and essential doses of micronutrients either as straight products or combi-mixtures as well as formulations that back up supplies of major or secondary nutrients during periods when they are unavailable from other sources.

The YaraVita foliar sprays are developed to target the leaf or fruit, to work fast and to effectively overcome crop deficiencies. Each YaraVita foliar product is formulated from consistently high quality nutrient compounds with co-formulates, such as wetters, stickers and absorption aids, to control and enhance performance.

YaraVita seeds & fertilizers coatings are formulated specially to evenly and safely coat seeds and granular fertilizers, providing an uniform coating of nutrients. Coated seeds will boost early growth and ensure rapid and vigorous crop establishment. As a result, roots and emerging leaves are healthier and less vulnerable to the cold, frost or damage from other environmental stresses. This gives growers a reliable platform for consistent crop performance. Evenly coated granular fertilizers ensure an equal micronutrient supply is carried with each fertilizer granule, allowing growers to accurately spread essential micronutrients to their growing crops.

High quality chelates from the YaraVita range are ideal for use in fertigation or soil-less systems. They are formulated to minimize interaction with other elements within the nutrient solution and to overcome problems relating to both soil and water pH. This means maximum nutrient availability.
Easy to use

Highly formulated, the YaraVita products are designed for their chosen method of application 

Yara’s Product Development Chemists select co-formulants that improve ease of use through: 

  • Better stability (solubility), increasing shelf life, reducing equipment blockages and down time. 
  • Superior tank mix profile, allowing more possibilities for co-application with other products and integration in to crop protection programs. ( and TankmixIT app)
  • Better "pourability", making the packs much faster to empty and easier to clean out.
Crop Safety

Crop Safety is key

In many cases YaraVita products are applied directly onto the crop, so crop safety is key. All products are screened extensively in our research and development glasshouse meaning that we can guarantee crop safety as long as the product is used in accordance with the approved label recommendations. In addition to this, all raw materials used in the products are tested for heavy metal content prior to manufacture, allowing us to ensure that crop contamination cannot occur. 

YaraVita products are manufactured to comply with the most stringent fertiliser regulations in the world. Since 1994, the YaraVita production site has been ISO 9001 accredited, which covers all aspects of product development, manufacture and support. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) supply all relevant information to our customers on the storage and handling of products.

Fertilizer Efficiency

Fertilizer efficiency from research to application 

We test the efficacy of all YaraVita products in the research and development glasshouse. Once a product has passed both the safety and efficacy test, independent commercial field trials are conducted within the target markets, to ensure that the product will give the grower a commercial benefit after making an application. We have an extensive database of YaraVita trials on many crops and from markets all around the world confirming the efficiency of the product.

Our strict quality control procedures ensure that all finished products leaving the factory are within specification. We work closely with suppliers to source, maintain and control the quality of raw materials. What is written on the label is what is inside the pack. All products are batch coded for full traceability. 

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YaraVita Seniphos is one of the range of "Foliar Phosphate" products from Yara.


YaraVita Magtrac is a highly concentrated flowable formulation contains almost 3 times more magnesium than epsom salts.


YaraVita Agripotash is a highly concentrated liquid potassium product designed for foliar application.


YaraVita Mantrac Pro is a highly concentrated formulation containing 8 times more Mn than a typical liquid chelate.


YaraVita® Glytrel MnP™ is a unique glyphosate-compatible foliar fertilizer for soybean crops containing both phosphorus and manganese.


YaraVita Mangazin is a formulation containing Mn and Zn in higher concentrations than most liquid solutions and chelates.


YaraVita Mancozin is a highly concentrated product that contains Mn, Cu and Zn, ideal for cereals and broadacre crops.


YaraVita Phoztrac is a highly concentrated flowable, developed for fruit crops but suitable for a wide range of crops.


YaraVita Stopit is formulated from food grade calcium chloride to ensure crop safety and freedom from harmful impurities.


YaraVita Bortrac is a concentrated liquid boron formulation that guarantees crop safety and product performance.